Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fact Ideologi : Just Say The Truth

assalamualaikum. salam sejahtera. good morning/afternoon/night to my audience act as reader for this blog.
agak pelikkan tajuk post aku untuk yang kali ini. biasa nya post aku berdasarkan post-post aku yang sebelum ini agak membosankan dan banyak menceritakan tentang memori hidup aku. Today i want try something different. 
Today story i want to share something that i really want to shout out. yeah! i know fear wont bring anything. i just want to ask u something? cuba lah anda berada dalam 1 situasi yang agak complicated yang anda rasa susah untuk diselesaikan. actually benda ini sebenarnya simple just kita yang make it besar. pada 17 jun 2011, aku ada menghadiri kelas FWP 0512 kot, Pengukuhan pembelajaran. kiteorang talk about stress management. i think im in stress kot. through this subject too there show us as audience on how stress is starting and its initial cause. actually i can't find one. they said stress is can be 2 categories Eustress and Distress.
Eustress - or good stress - is an indispensable condition of life and manifests in the form of constructive or ‘interesting’ environmental stimulation. An example might be a promotion at work: we are given more responsibility but we also acquire greater satisfaction. Distress is ‘bad stress’, which can cause considerable emotional upheaval and physical disturbances that are hard to solve. An example might be an unexpected dismissal or a surgical operation.

yeah! that explaination i took from web i google.

.just dont let the distress control you.

.its make u feel lonely.
its make u irrational.
.its make u lose ur best friends.
.its make u look bad.
.and many more.
.and i know human do a mistake. just give him a chance to make up.
.im already forgiven you.