Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the long holiday

are you readers waiting for my new post. yeah. i dont think so. I'm now on holiday and i just love it. why? because i not at upnm, i dont need to marching, morning lineup and what so ever.i got this holiday. it is because i was infected by chicken pox. Oh My Gift, i think i the one who got this in this age. anyone i asked at my college majority they had infected during their childhood. all right, i feel that i still a childhood feel young. -_-. let wikipedia explain, Chickenpox or chicken pox is a highly contagious illness caused by primary infectionvaricella zoster virus (VZV).[1] It usually starts with vesicular skin rash mainly on the body and head rather than at the periphery and become itchy, raw pockmarks, which mostly heal without with scarring.  

In early stage, i feel i having a fever, so first step i do. i just take 2 panadol soluble. i hardly to swollen a tablet kind medicine. so silly right. that I'm. i feel so tired, all my joint like want run away from my body. there a only one red spot i detect. at that time, i think those red spot just only ordinary spot created by mosquito at my body. so i just 'kerok' it. until tomorrow after i got back from class.  want getting bath, i watch at myself at the mirror. woah! what is this? i yelled loudly like i want all people in this college hear it. haha. i tell everyone at my room. i got infected by chicken pox. i thought they will surprise and run away like they run from staff. but i was wrong. haha. why? like i told before at sentence up there. okay. you better read it yourself. they all so kind. i think so. they help me swap the cream through out my body. and i just relax fb'ing. haha. i got test at that night, but i cant stand up. i feel so dizzy. my body jiggling,  im told my lecturer i cannot take the test. i asked for postpone. all right, she want my sick report. i got holiday gift by RSAT, yeah! i advised to going home. so now im. at home. leaving so many silibus at upnm. i need to cover up. i just need to maintain my mental at home. woah! i think my hand are already tired, my mind kind of stuck writing this essay. so i m just leaving here, to be continue.