Thursday, July 15, 2010

i have been busy here

yeah! iam busy as a student. my whole day here were so pack with academic. there are the physics, chemistry, basic math, math, strunggling with Foundation English Also Extra Curricular. its like i hv so much time to relax. relax mean sleep to me. so tired. need to march from C4 to class room. everyday climb stairs up to 11 floor. but i happy doing it. haha. weird. here. i got happy team roomate. i got nice  senior who has same 'kepala' with me. i can interact with them happily. they also always support me in academic and help me to achieve my goal to get the Dekan title. woah! its is my dream. also the girl here so sporting. i always laugh when we talk about something. ade je joke yg dyorg buat. mostly. in here even if we have problem. we should be happy and smile. smile no 3. and u will get somebody to cheers u up. hopefully it would last longer. until i get my degree. to all cadet also civilian i will pray for ur happiness. jgn la tension law smlm kene hell ngn senior. haha. relax suda. oke all the best. from the top.

.born to be leader.