Sunday, June 27, 2010

i have been sad here

yeah! dats true. i thought i can join the malaysian armed force to fullfill my dream to become a n engineer in armed force, Rejimen Askar Jurutera Diraja. As a Captain. Also as a paratroopers. in airborne division. Youll readers know its just a dream that cannot be realize how much, how many, how bloody hell im train this body. i cant be apart with them. its just a sad moment when im step-out from the campus. the only one regimental university in malaysia. my heart cannot bear the sadness. sorry my fellow friend even u motivated me before im went out. its hard to tell the truth  to my dear friend know about my situation. u'll has been good to me. thank you. i will remember my fellow friend. although its just 2 week that we know each other. its really meant to me. to be ur platoon member for a while.
B144 BPK Mohamad Ridzuan B Roszi PLT 3 Seksyen 21 C COY 1st Battalion. In Memories.

Pkdt Mohd Abid B Jeffrydin.
Pkdt Mohd Syakirin B Ramlan.
Pkdt Mohd Taufik B Mohd Zain
Pkdt Mohd Nor
Pkdt Ahmad Faiz
Pkdt Anis Shaheera
BPK Mohd Arif
PW(U) Cik Aidid, Jurulatih
Kapt. Tuan Azrif, Ketua Terup Batalion Lekiu
Mjr.Tuan Hamid, Komandan Batalion Lekiu