Friday, March 19, 2010

sebelum menutup mata

"before im close my eye" i said. Story begin today is the bright morning that i wish so much yesterday. awake from sleep the sun already shed light on my room. brighten every single piece of thing inside my room. I'm stood up then i open the window. im feel the balmy fresh air. the morning glory. im remember my phone was ringing when i was in sleep. i check it. It's from Jemol " hey, are u ready for today event. i want to formally official my license. please be ready yeah! see u soon ". at that time i was thinking should i do this. im already plan yesterday for this suprising event. out of my mind.

jadah yg citer kt atas ni. hehe. ntah pape je. 
actually bosan loe. x taw nk bt pe. urm.
x taw nk post ape.