Thursday, June 18, 2009

Winner Of Golden Globe award..

bes citer nih..
bnyk pengjrn..
Kehidupn Berdikari.. percintaan..
ak rekemen kt korng smer..

How are you?
= im fine.

Are you really okay?
= yes i am.

Do you enjoy being single?
= sumtim's

Are you crushing on someone?
= Ye
a.. not to sure..

Do they like you back?
= I durn think so.

What's their name?
= Siti Nur
aina bt ayob. im not sure her name. really lorh?

Do you think high-school relationships can last?
= maybe yes maybe not.if they were destined to be together, sure it can last forever.i think

Do you remember your first crush?
= oh hell yeah. silly me. im in love with a wrong gurls.

Have you ever been in love?
= yes. who never? duhh. stupidity

Does anyone love you?
= not re
ally. but im sure they like me.. haha..(arrogant laugh)

Do you think there is a difference between love and lust?
= yes ofcourse. well,love is based on an affinity while lust is based solely on desire. agree?yucks?

When will you next see the person you like?
= let see. dunno when. i'll tell u soon ok?

How does it feel when your crush doesn't like you back?
= er?okay? th
at alwys hppen lorh.haha

Is their anyone you couldn't live without?
= yes.
i think so. haha


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