Monday, May 4, 2009

Describe ma fren

4 mei 2007
27 membe di 5 sc 1 2009

wak man : da craziest fren i ever met.. his joke sick me.. haha.. gud job..

ruzahan : da longest dahi in ma class.. haha

c-bet : the class guitarist i call him keling coz he black tanned..

tengku : da smart fren in ma class.. he also weird..

dean: dean is shit.. haha.. fat lady gaga.. haha

jemol : da funniest fren in class.. i know him since we childhood..

albik : the coolest people in my school lorh.. haha...

wan : this is who i am

mary : mariam is clever, hardworking, but herself like 'ala2 makcik'..

amy : amirah da busy people in da class, she always has a job to do..

Vijay : she only hindu's in fom 5,she also clever

Ah moy : she is shy gurl.. but she love to admire people..

Husna : usna is cute, like baby girl.. she bff of ah moy

Umi : this is strongest gurl in my class.. haha.. MCR

mas : she like a pompuan melayu terakhir with punk attitude.. rock man..

cheqa : she the leader of gurl rockers in my class .. haha

fara : she cute.. her body is 'taf'.. haha.. she also accept many weird things..

abid : a hensome guy in ma class.. he always decide thing by himself.. he same like cilok..

cilok : cilok the tallest guy in ma class.. he funny.. but im sick of him..

e-jol :the one who drops biology..

fazi : wak man couple lorh.. he kind.. cute.. also clever among da class..

Erma : i dun't know y she sick with sweet.. siyol.

Leya : the motivator student who always busy with her activities..

adilah : she seem like a weird in class always silent.

wani : she is cute.. she ambil berat.. she also da best pencerita in class.. law da ckp ssh nk benti..

that how i descibe ma frends..
that 5 sc 1 lead by en aidil-nur.. mathematic teacher..
all da best.. 10a1 this year..